What is advantage of Micro inverter?
2023-03-29 17:29:50

Compared with other types of inverters, micro inverters owned its significant advantages, and the application is quite extensive. Here are 6 advantages of micro-inverters to help you learn more about the characteristics of this mini solar inverter.

Microinverters Advantages:

1. The price is comparable to or even lower than that of the centralized inverter and strings inverters, hybrid inverters.

2. By adjusting the voltage and current of each row of Solar PV panels, until all balanced, to avoid system mismatch.

3. Each module of PV panels with micro inverters has a monitoring function, which reduces the maintenance cost of the system and makes the operation more stable and reliable.

4. The configuration is flexible. In the home market, the size of photovoltaic cells can be installed according to the user's financial resources, even 1 or 2 panels can be set up a system.

5. No high-voltage electricity, safer, simple and faster installation, low maintenance and installation costs, and less dependence on installation service providers, so that the solar power generation system can be DIY by users.

6. Try to increase the power generation of each inverter module and track the maximum power. Since the maximum power point of a single module is tracked, the power generation of the photovoltaic system can be greatly increased by 25%.

OTAO offer the micro inverters with a wide range of voltage, from 300w-2000w, assembled with our 400-560w PV panels. At the same time, it can be matched with OTAO 100-400w foldable PV panels,placed at the balcony, roof or garden, easy to install or move for need.