Solar Energy Station System Solution
With the improvement of new energy technology and the demand to reduce carbon emissions, commercial photovoltaic power generation has gradually entered people's investment vision. Whether it is small and medium-sized photovoltaic discharge for commercial complex self-use or medium and large photovoltaic power stations to the grid, it has become the key investment project by a lot of major countries and Investor.
Industrial Solar Energy Storage System Solution
With the extensive construction of commercial photovoltaic systems, along with the prominent use of environmental requirements, people began to put forward urgent demands for high-power energy storage to solve their energy supply problems such as nighttime, power outages, and off-grid.
Portable Energy Storage Solution
As an important component of energy storage, a portable energy storage battery is the key for individual consumers to achieve efficient zero-carbon transmission. Relying on the company's technical accumulation for many years, OTAO can provide individual consumers with efficient and reliable folding photovoltaic panels, portable power stations, battery packs, BMS, chargers, lifepo4 battery cells, and other products, as well as flexible integration system solutions using the above products based on demand, to meet individual energy storage needs.
Household Solar Energy System Solution
With the energy shortage and the support of national subsidy policies, more households have begun to consider installing household photovoltaic energy storage systems to reduce their electricity costs.